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The framed photos from ABOVE have been masterfully crafted by Peter Werkhoven of Aedicule. Each piece features a custom12 karat white gold, gilded hand made frame with Optium Museum Acrylic and spacers.


Aedicule's Peter Werkhoven is an awarded European master gilder and frame maker, specializing in the conservation of picture frames, antique objects and historical architecture.  

He trained at the historic Dutch firm, Gehring & Heijdenrijk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, under Paul Gehring, a third generation frame maker, mastering the craft of gilding and antique restoration/conservation for more than 10 years before opening his atelier in San Francisco in 2003.

Antique relics dating from as far back as the 13th Century up to this era have passed through his studio and have received conservation treatments. We take great responsibility to historical accuracy and preservation and subscribe to the American Institute of Conservation's Code of Ethics. The conservation of picture frames, antique furniture and artifacts is one of the niches of Aedicule. While every item is unique and requires a different approach, all work carried out will always be done with integrity to the original object.


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